Nerds For WoW, Unite! The Midnight Release For Cataclysm

Achievement: #68. Go to the midnight release of Cataclysm

So I’m sure everyone has picked up on it by now, but we’re nerds. Really serious, dedicated-to-the-cause nerds. We even have matching glasses. (To be fair, mine are the ‘girly’ version, but still, they match.)

And this means, of course, that when World of Warcraft announced that they were coming out with a new expansion pack, we decided we had to be there at midnight when it became available. Nevermind the fact that it was snowing. And nevermind the fact that we could have just sat in the safe warmth of our house and had wine and downloaded the game instantly when it was available.

No, I wanted to be there at midnight when the magic happened. I wanted to be standing in the snow outside of Best Buy when they opened the doors and let us come in to pick up our copy of the game.

(You may have noticed that #68 used to be ‘lose 20 pounds each,’ but as you also may have noticed, most of our Achievements have to do with eating, so we are putting that off until 2011.)

Here we are, hiding in the car and waiting for closer-to-midnight, because it was cold and snowy.

This is the ‘I am the only girl here’ picture. I really was. And then some other girls came, but I was still cuter, even in my messy slept-upon hair (those of us who are in our early-late twenties and want to stay up until 3am have to take naps).

SUCCESS! Here I am with my copy of Cataclysm in my hand, outside the McKnight Road Best Buy! What a fabulous night!

(And now comes the part when I share with you some Cataclysm screenshots.)

I spent the next 2.5 hours on the Trade Channel, where we all discussed our hopes and fears for the new expansion. Angry nerds raging in Heaven was high on that list.

Flight Trainer
And then we all stood on the Flight Trainer in Stormwind, waiting for 3am (the patch would go live at midnight Pacific time).

And finally, I leave you with poor Lucy’s ‘why can’t Mommy just go to bed and snuggle with me’ face. My poor little baby, who does not understand the importance of thousands of people trying to log in and learn to fly in Azeroth at 3am. I was even going to make her her very own Worgen!

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