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As you probably know, the new year is just a few short hours away, and because of that, I wanted to pause for a moment and fill you in on what’s coming in 2011.

A new list is starting at midnight on New Year’s Eve, and whatever we haven’t finished by that point will remain unfinished. In 2010, we accomplished a lot more than we had the previous year, including a lot of nearly-complete partials (like seeing 20 movies and missing those last two Primanti brothers), which I’m going to give us credit for. I’ll give you the grand total in our #101 post, which will be coming tomorrow evening.

That being said, we’ll be replacing the list on the left sidebar with the new 2011 list once it’s complete (we have a few more things to add in the following day to get it up to 101, including rolling over the things we didn’t finish from 2010). However, since the bulk of our blog at the beginning of the year will still be the 2010 posts, we want them to be quite accessible to our readers.

This leads to the new indexing system that will be started. The labels will now indicate the year, so they will be labeled things like #23-10, or #41-11. I will also tag each one with just the original number though, in case you want to see how our #66 in 2011 is different from what it was in 2010. The 2010 links list will be farther down on the left sidebar.

And I think that covers it! I will try really hard to keep updating the 2010 posts that I haven’t finished, but I will make a really dedicated effort to bring you the 2011 posts the day or so after they are completed. Here are our new promises for the 2011 posts:

1) No cheating on numbers – unless an act of god or a closure of a business or something else out of our control prevents us from completing an Achievement, we won’t change it or take it off the list once it’s posted.
2) Prompt updating of pictures and entries.
3) More cute pictures of Lucy!

That being said, we will see you all in 2011, and happy new year!!

Lucy Loves It!

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