Murray Avenue Restaurant Challenge: Razzy Fresh Is A Delight

Achievement: #2. Eat at every restaurant on Murray Ave

Well, we have done it: we have eaten at every restaurant on Murray Avenue. Well, except Aaron and Ari’s, but we ate at the restaurant in the same building as it, and therefore, I think that counts. On New Year’s Eve, we got takeout frozen yogurt from Razzy Fresh.

This doesn’t seem like a New Year’s Eve sort of food, since it’s, well, frozen, and typically in Pittsburgh, so is New Year’s Eve. But this year, it was a balmy 50ish outside, so why not have frozen yogurt?

Really, I know the reason we were avoiding this place, and it’s… ok, it’s Pinkberry. Pinkberry is the reason we’ve been putting off having frozen yogurt at Razzy Fresh.

But that isn’t entirely fair, because being morally opposed to Pinkberry doesn’t mean you should be morally opposed to all frozen yogurt places. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with TCBY (do those still exist?). It’s just…

Well, we aren’t really morally opposed to Pinkberry itself. I, for one, love the idea of Captain Crunch on top of ice cream. It’s just that the only non-TCBY frozen yogurt we’ve had is in LA, and the one we heard the most about was Pinkberry, and we went to that Pinkberry, and it was in Los Feliz, and like most times we were in Los Feliz, we just had a general feeling of, “Oh this experience would be a lot nicer if not for all the hipsters and douchebags.”

So after finally having Razzy Fresh, I can say with sincerity that I’ve learned some important things: just as not everyone who lives in Los Feliz is, in theory, a douchebag, not every frozen yogurt place is a Pinkberry full of douchebags.

Razzy Fresh
I, for one, love raspberries, and feel like this welcoming logo should have keyed me in. It didn’t, but I’m a believer now!

Razzy Fresh
Let me just try to name the many things in this little bowl of heaven: there are bits of brownies and cheesecake, a dusting of graham cracker, and pomengranate seeds on a blend of vanilla and pumpkin frozen yogurt. Simply delicious. Wish we had known about this in the summer months, but that is what life is all about: frozen yogurt teaching you lessons.

And now that we’ve completed all of the restaurants, I feel like I should say something to sum up our journey. Really, we didn’t have a single bad experience this year. Some were clearly better than others, but we found things to like about each restaurant and bakery we visited. We also learned that there are a lot more places to eat on Murray Ave than we thought!

And most of all, we just had a really good time being food bloggers. We’d never switch this over to a complete food blog, but we definitely will keep experimenting and sharing the results in the coming years!

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