Michael Is A Statue: Franco Harris And Hines Ward

Achievement: #46. Michael Poses in Front of 10 More Statues

We loved this Achievement so much last year that we’ve decided to repeat it, but up the ante a little. Instead of posing in front of just 7 statues, Michael must pose in front of 10.

And, because I’m mean and cruel and love laughing at these pictures, I have decided that he can’t repeat types of statues. This is why, when he thought he was knocking off two statues on our California vacation, I determined that they only count as one.

Michael and Statue
The first is the Franco Harris Immaculate Reception statue at the Pittsburgh International Airport. We took this picture the morning we were leaving. It’s just such a Pittsburgh icon, the Steeler greeting you as you get off a flight in our lovely city. Please note Michael’s careful attention to detail, wherein he used my purse as a substitute for a football.

Michael and Statue
The second pose was with this football player (#86, and clearly a receiver, so we assumed it to be Hines Ward) in Chinatown in San Francisco. Since they were both football players, and both Steelers at that, I count this as one statue.

Nine more to go, husband!! 🙂

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