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Arena Football: Big Dudes On A Little Stage

Achievement: #88. Pittsburgh Power Game

Earlier this year, we took a trip down to Consol Energy Center to watch our local arena football team for the very first time. How thrilling was it?! Well… Continue reading

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The Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum: A Tour In Pictures

Achievement: #59. Go to the Sports Museum

We took a brief tour through Pittsburgh sports history with the help of the Heinz History Center, and we’ve come to bring you a report on it. Check it out! Continue reading

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Our 2012 Summer Olympics Wrapup

Achievement: #49. Watch the Olympics

Well, before we get *too* far away from the Olympic excitement, I should do our post about the Summer Olympics. We love big sports events like the World Cup and both seasons of Olympics. (Even when they are disappointing.) And … Continue reading

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Michael Is A Statue: Franco Harris And Hines Ward

Achievement: #46. Michael Poses in Front of 10 More Statues

We loved this Achievement so much last year that we’ve decided to repeat it, but up the ante a little. Instead of posing in front of just 7 statues, Michael must pose in front of 10. And, because I’m mean … Continue reading

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Party With The Penguins!

Achievement: #66. Go to a Pens game

I swear, I didn’t plan it to be that the hockey Achievement was #66. (I’m sure you know the significance of this to Pens fans – #66 is the great Mario Lemieux’s number.) Anyway, we love hockey. Freaking love it. … Continue reading

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World Cup On The South Side

Achievement: None Tagged.

For whatever reason, I’m one of those people who become a soccer junkie every four years when the World Cup rolls around. If it’s on and I’m in front of a TV, I’ll watch soccer pretty much whenever to begin … Continue reading

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The Winter Olympics, Or: How NBC’s Coverage Broke Our Hearts

Achievement: #98. Get overexcited about the Winter Olympics

Well, this Achievement was supposed to have been a lot more interesting than it wound up being. However, in truth, it did end up being much more accurate than we had planned… And by that, I would like to emphasize … Continue reading

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