We Play The Food Critic For Three Sumptuous Desserts

Achievement: #97. Pretend to be Food Critics of Three Desserts

You know, there was a time, just a few years ago, when I never even had dessert at a restaurant. I was one of those ‘no, our tummies are just too full’ people for ages! Then suddenly, I discovered the magic qualities of a few Hershey Kisses after dinner. And then, we found these awesome things called SlimmyBears, which are 100-calorie ice cream sandwiches!

So now, of course, I’m hooked, and I want to know which restaurants in Pittsburgh have the finest desserts.

Naturally, I rely a lot on my Yelp buddies for this sort of thing, but I also wanted to be out in the field experimenting. And so, we decided to find a way to force ourselves to explore the world of desserting in Pittsburgh, and that was to make a silly Achievement out of it and pretend to be food critics while eating the desserts.

(I will just say here that I do not really know what specifics a food critic has to get into, and really the only *official* food critic that I know of is Pittsburgh’s own Munch, who I first discovered by reading a placard while waiting for a table at the Prima Donna some time in the early 90s. The idea of being paid to go around and eat food sounded pretty great to me then, and it still does now. If you are blown away by my astounding dessert food critic abilities, please call me; I will literally work for food!)

Point Brugge Dessert
For our first dessert analysis, we went to the charming Point Brugge Cafe in Point Breeze. Visiting this restaurant was actually a homework assignment given to us by our lovely real estate agent back in 2009 when we were buying our house, and I do apologize to her that it took us two years to go. Consider this our belated homework turn-in!

Point Brugge Dessert
First of all, everyone knows you can’t have dessert, after you’ve had dinner, without coffee. I like to make snobby faces with my coffee to ensure that I’m really going to enjoy the food.

Point Brugge Dessert
Michael even likes to equip his monocle to make certain he is properly analyzing his desserts.

Point Brugge Dessert
And here is the subject in question: the chocolate chocolate-chocolately-chocolate cake (a note: if you work at Point Brugge and know what the *real* name of this cake is, please let us know – I didn’t realize the dessert menu wasn’t available online, and I was too blown away by its lovely sight to take note of the official title!).

Point Brugge Dessert
It is important, as a dessert food critic, to fully examine the cake before eating it. This is very difficult, because cakes such as this are probably freaking delicious, and it takes a lot of self-composure to just stare at it and pose for a picture and not just dig right in.

Point Brugge Dessert
I had to look at the piece up-close-and-personal (because I always forget to wear my glasses when we go out). It sure looked… chocolatey. And full of… chocolatey chocolate bits.

And then, it was time for the first bite! What would it be like? Would it be creamy, and full of milk-chocolatey goodness? Or would it be a tremendous chocolate explosion of chocolate??

Point Brugge Dessert
Oh, it was heavenly. Sooo heavenly.

Point Brugge Dessert
If I were Jean Claude Van Damme, I would say, “C’est Magnifique! after each bite! That means ‘it’s magnificent!’ and that is the sort of thing that Jean Claude Van Damme always finds himself saying when he has cake as amazing as this one!

So, although we do not remember the full name of the chocolate cake at Point Brugge, we remember that we loved it to absolute pieces (which is what we wished we had ordered: multiple pieces, as in, so we didn’t have to share one). Yum!!

Not only did we love the dessert, we loved our dinners, and the wine and beer selection. I sure wish we’d done our homework sooner, so we could have visited many more times since it was originally assigned! But we will certainly be making up for lost time, and you should do your homework and visit Point Brugge too! You don’t even have to be a food critic 🙂

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