Lucy’s Holiday Outfits: Dressin’ For America

Achievement: #94. Dress Lucy for at Least 3 Holidays

Well, it’s halfway through the year, and we have somehow not dressed our little girl for any holidays since New Year’s Eve!

July 4th is a special day for Miss Lucy: it’s her birthday!! We aren’t exactly sure of her true birth date (we adopted her from the Doberman Rescue out on the Red Belt, interestingly on Dave Matthews’ birthday), but we knew it was early July, so we decided she would be a July 4th baby!

Lucy is a Firework
While in Atlantic City, I found her a cute flag bandanna. Unfortunately, she fussed around with it a lot and made it into a babushka. My dog = outfit fail.

Lucy is a Firework
Later on, we put her into her Thundershirt, because you can hear the fireworks from our house, and we didn’t want her to be scared. This made her leave the bandanna alone, and it was time for some cute pictures.

Lucy is a Firework
(She is kind of terrified of that pinwheel, but only when it is in motion. When it is just sitting still, she tolerates it.)

Lucy is a Firework
We kept telling her that Hector held a little flag in his paws, and she should learn how to, also, but she didn’t quite understand. So, we balanced the pinwheel next to her.

Lucy is a Firework
Reaching for her treat instead of posing!

And finally, her, “Alright, I posed, where the cookie?” face. Lucy says happy 4th of July to everyone!!

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  1. Aww Happy Birthday Lucy! You look so cute!

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