Custard’s First Stand: Killer Ice Cream (And Puns!)

Achievement: #45. Try 5 Things in the Entertainment Book | #55. Ice Cream at Custard’s

This weekend, we took a trip down memory lane to the famous post-softball-game ice cream spot of my youth: Custard’s First Stand!

Custard’s is a little hometown ice cream spot on Camp Horne Road, conveniently located between the softball field and my parents’ house. What’s great about post-softball ice cream is that there’s always a reason for it. If you win, you’re having celebratory ice cream. If you lose, the ice cream is there to drown your sorrows and make up for that botched grounder that you missed.

I haven’t been back in years, and Michael had never been there. I was super curious to see if it held up to the fond memories I had of the place in the early-to-mid ’90s.

Best of all? We had a coupon for Custard’s in the Entertainment Book! Soft serve cones, buy-one-get-one.

We arrived after dark, when Custard’s was the only thing lit up on this stretch of road. A little further down is Sunny Jim’s, the best local bar in the Ohio Township/Kilbuck area, but Custard’s is only open until 10 on the weekends, so we were a bit strapped for time.

Michael secured a soft serve vanilla cone. Those are his favorite – he gets cravings for soft serve ice cream any time we’re at a fair, boardwalk, or baseball game. And please note, those cute little waffle cone and sundae signs are the same ones that were there when I was a kid! I imagine they are technically ‘new’ signs, as they would not have stood the test of time without getting faded from the sun, but the design and photos are all the same!

Since I was taking it back old-school, I had to re-sample my favorite at Custard’s: the strawberry sundae. The sundaes, banana splits, and parfaits are all made with soft serve ice cream (they do have hard ice cream in multiple flavors, for those who prefer it, but really, soft serve sundae is best). The girl at the counter (everything is walk-up) was gracious enough to let me use the coupon for Michael’s cone while I got the sundae instead of another cone. Great customer service!!

Oh, and GREAT strawberry sundae! I love their sundae sauce: it’s sweet as can be, but it doesn’t overpower you. I’m not a whipped cream kind of girl, but they do have good nuts (or no nuts if you prefer!). I feel dirty talking about nuts on my blog, but seriously: good sundae nuts!

The cones are wrapped in a little American flag-design paper (although you can’t see it in this photo), and Michael said it made him feel like the Statue of Liberty. So he did this 🙂

Also, you can’t beat the prices at Custard’s. With our coupon, both of our delicious ice cream snacks were a total of $2.30. Yes, you read that right!!! Watch out, Ben and Jerry’s, there’s a new (well, old, but re-visited) ice cream joint in town!

Seeing this sign was like getting a big hug from my fondest childhood memories! I also don’t mean for that to sound dirty!!

After the ice cream, we attempted to make it a two-Achievement night by stopping at Golf World, but unfortunately, despite the promises on their website that they are open until 11pm on the weekends, they were closing well before 10. I was disappointed, but we will return!

And as a pretty good second place to mini golf, we stopped at Fuel & Fuddle for some first-rate nachos. Oh, so heavenly and cheesey and delicious!

All in all, quite a good night. Custard’s is open seasonally, and although it’s a bit off the beaten path, it is worth a trip out for sure. They are cash only, but you can get discounts through coupons in the Entertainment Book (which also makes this count for that Achievement!).

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  1. Emily McConnell

    Ahhhaha! Yes, Kirk bought a 50% share of Custards last year and is going to buy out the rest this year or next. he's been working there since he was 16. He definitely has a hand for the biz and is doing a great job managing and now owning. Yes, I love me a sundae or a twist! But if you're ever craving, the hard ice cream mint chocolate is SUPER good (green kind-haha).
    Yah, good memories of getting a cone after a Cardinals or some other bird named softball team.
    And thanks for all the good wishes =)
    BTW, I think you're 101 blog is super awesome. Great idea!!

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