In Which We Photobomb Nature

Achievement: #10. Popping into the Frame Series

While we are the sort of couple who enjoys a nice, classy dinner with a fancy bottle of wine, we are also the sort of couple who, from time to time, rewatches old skits from Saturday Night Live and then reenacts them as if they really happened to us. I mean, mostly the thing about the nice bottles of wine, but… sometimes, we just can’t help it. Digital Shorts happen.

We first started reenacting the classic Digital Short “Andy Popping Into the Frame” back in 2008, when we visited Italy for our honeymoon. Our poor driver Antonio told us, “Americans take very strange photographs. In Italy, we just stand for photograph.” (The concept of a Digital Short would be, I thought, lost in translation, so we all just laughed and kept taking these pictures.)

Popping In
At first, the pictures were just like this. Just a static, 1-frame picture with one of us popping in. But as the day went on, we realized there was more to do.

And so this started happening.

While we haven’t done a popping-into-the-frame series recently, we remembered it very fondly, and although we are still posing with statues and inappropriately dancing, we also wanted to pop into the frame. And it somehow took until our late-September trip to see the Deep Creek waterfall for this to happen.

Thankfully, there were plenty of opportunities to do this all around Swallow Falls.

Look for the post on Swallow Falls to come this week, as well as a few other posts coming this weekend, as we are off on a fall foliage journey to Cook Forest with Miss Lucy!

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