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Three Square Meals Of Primanti’s

Achievement: #55. Primantis for All 3 Meals One Day

Fox and I are all about the food-based challenges, so we decided to answer a question that had been on our minds for several years: can one eat three meals of Primanti Bros in a single day? Let’s find out. Continue reading

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Friday Statudanceatopia: Dance Party At Make Night

Achievement: #5. Inappropriate Dancing

On the final Friday of each month, you’ll either find Fox dancing inappropriately in public, or Michael posing like a statue. Earlier this month, we gathered some friends to stage a super-sized inappropriate dance moment at Make Night at the Children’s Museum. Continue reading

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Pressing Reset At First Night 2017

Achievement: #15. First Night

On December 31st, we bid adieu to the trash fire that was 2016, and welcomed 2017 with eager arms at First Night in downtown Pittsburgh. Between the drinks, the dance parties, the laser bridges, and the fireworks show, it was a pretty auspicious start! Come have a look. Continue reading


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We Shall Return!

Achievement: None Tagged.

Long story short, we’ve decided that 2016 is for the birds. Following losses and setbacks both personal and technical, we’ve fallen so far behind that we’ve decided it best to start fresh on January 1st. See you in 2017! Continue reading

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Laurel Caverns: Into Darkness

Achievement: #2. Laurel Caverns

After several years languishing on the list, we finally managed to make a trip to Laurel Caverns to explore the cave system. Let us give you a quick recap of the tour! Continue reading


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Get Thee To Gilroy! (Unless Thou Art A Vampire)

Achievement: #24. Buy Garlic in Gilroy

In which we visit the Garlic Capital of the World and don’t even have to dodge any vampires – our magical trip to Gilroy, California! Continue reading

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Treat Yourself Right At First Night With Sonoma Grille

Achievement: #27. Attend First Night 2013

Happy New Year, readers! We’ve got a list of 101 new Achievements for the Year of the Snake, some of which have made their way over here from the 2012 Achievements we didn’t quite get to, and some of which are all brand-new. To start the year off right, we attended Pittsburgh’s New Year celebration, First Night 2013. (Since we took so many pictures, I’ve divided First Night into two posts: today, our dinner, and tomorrow, I’ll post about the rest of the evening.) Continue reading

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In Which We Photobomb Nature

Achievement: #10. Popping into the Frame Series

While we are the sort of couple who enjoys a nice, classy dinner with a fancy bottle of wine, we are also the sort of couple who, from time to time, rewatches old skits from Saturday Night Live and then reenacts them as if they really happened to us. I mean, mostly the thing about the nice bottles of wine, but… sometimes, we just can’t help it. Digital Shorts happen. Continue reading

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The Dive Bars Of Greenfield, Or: Accidental Bar Crawl

Achievement: #43. Dive Bar Tour

Sometimes, a ‘quick stop’ for dinner turns into an accidental bar crawl. And sometimes, that bar crawl happens in Greenfield. (Or maybe it’s just us.) Continue reading

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Management Note!

Achievement: None Tagged.

Hey everyone, just popping in to let you know that we are now officially a .com! Our address has changed to Our old Blogspot address will redirect there, but for faster loading, you can just save the new address … Continue reading

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