Over-21 Night At The Science Center

Achievement: #57. Over-21 Night at the Science Center

Have you ever found yourself at the Carnegie Science Center on a crowded day, wishing you didn’t have to keep pushing 4-year-olds out of the way every time you wanted to see an exhibit? Lucky you, there’s a monthly event where there isn’t even a single step-upon-able 4-year-old in sight!

Over 21 Night @ Science Center
Yes, that’s right, each month the Science Center hosts 21+ Night, where you can check out all the cool exhibits and even enjoy a few libations.

This month’s theme was Circus Science, so in addition to all the stationary exhibits at the Science Center, there were circus-themed activities as well, such as balloon animals and face painting. (I was not allowed to get my face painted, because we were going out for a friend’s birthday in Greenfield following the Science Center, and Michael said I would get kicked out of the bar.)

Over 21 Night @ the Science Center
I *did* get to pose with this majestic elephant, Zuri.

Over 21 Night @ the Science Center
The stars of the show that night were definitely the aerialists from Kelsey Keller Aerial.

Over 21 Night @ the Science Center
Their performances were super impressive, like a little bit of Cirque du Soleil here in the ‘Burgh!

Over 21 Night @ the Science Center
They had three performances throughout the night, so everyone had a chance to check them out. (Apparently, if you are brave enough, you can take classes from Kelsey herself at Fullbody Fitness Club in Brentwood. I would probably fall to my death, but it sure sounds cool!)

After watching all the gorgeous aerialist-ing, we decided to get up close and personal with some weather.


Oh yes, that’s the hurricane machine, with winds getting up to almost 79 miles per hour.

Over 21 Night @ the Science Center
I totally have a new appreciation for my extreme weather forecasters. I had knots in my hair all night!

Over 21 Night @ the Science Center
After experiencing the hurricane machine, it was time to grab some beverages. There are two cash bars (second and fourth floor), and there are snacks on the 4th floor and real food (that smells delicious) on the 2nd floor. Since I’m a classy girl, I got wine and Doritos.

Over 21 Night @ the Science Center
And then it was time to sort tomatoes for Heinz.

Over 21 Night @ the Science Center
I sorted way more tomatoes than Michael, so you can clearly see a future career that lies ahead for me.

Over 21 Night @ the Science Center
If, you know, my career as an overly-enthusiastic weather forecaster fails.

(This was the exhibit I was most excited about, because the last time we’d gone to the Science Center, I’d stood in line for ten minutes trying to do a fake weather forecast, and little kids cut in front of me every. damn. time.)

Over 21 Night @ the Science Center
People I didn’t even know were watching me report on snow in Fayette County!!

Over 21 Night @ the Science Center
Also on the same floor as the weather exhibits were jugglers wandering about and impressing us.

Over 21 Night @ the Science Center
And one floor down, there was cotton candy!

Over-21 Night @ Science Center
Cotton candy pairs really well with cabernet.

But the most exciting part of the night (for me) was that, after 2 glasses of wine, I felt unafraid enough to go on the zero-gravity simulator!! And there were no little kids to stand in line in front of me!

Over 21 Night @ the Science Center
This was pretty fun. I thought I’d be terrified, but they harness you in pretty well. It’s much easier to go up than it is to go down in outer space, apparently.

Over 21 Night @ the Science Center
The girls talked me out of doing a zero-gravity selfie since it was my first time flying into space, but next month, I’m so on that.

Over-21 Nights at the Science Center run monthly, and they’re only 10 bucks if you get your tickets in advance! Next month’s theme is extreme weather, so as long as I’m off work, we will definitely be checking that out. February’s event is on Friday the 21st and runs from 6 until 10pm. Check it out!


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