A Hot Dog For Every Occasion At Franktuary

Achievement: #61. Ten Lawrenceville Restaurants

One of our favorite spots in Lawrenceville is the gourmet hot dog (and more) restaurant, Franktuary. First a mere food truck, then a food truck with a little brick-and-mortar location downtown (RIP downtown store), the latest iteration of Franktuary is also, in these achievers’ opinions, the best. We could eat there any meal of the day.

Literally. This is a breakfast hot dog we enjoyed at Franktuary, with scrambled eggs and cheddar on top, when we went there for a 7am Olympic hockey match earlier this year.

We also had coffee, freshly fried donuts, and French 75s.

Now, granted, Franktuary is not normally open for breakfast. We just wanted to show you that if we could (and on the super-rare occasion that we can), we’d have one of their hot dogs for breakfast. They’re amazingly good.

Lunchtime and dinner are really what Franktuary offers on a day-to-day basis. We recommend you come hungry. Because you’re going to want to try everything.

From the fried cheese sticks (battered curds for the win!)…

…To the magnificently topped array of hot dogs on offer. From left to right, this lineup includes:

  • The Texan: topped with grass-fed beef chili, sharp cheddar, and jalapeños.
  • The Pittsburgh: topped with a smooshed pierogi and slaw.
  • The PA Dutch: topped with apple onion jam, sharp cheddar, and scallions.

And let’s not forget those french fries, peeking in at the top of the frame. That’s no photobomb; they’re an integral part of the meal, so I’d suggest you grab an order.

You can wash your meal down in a number of ways — we’d recommend you do it with one of Franktuary’s craft cocktails. Either a classic like the Vieux Carré or an Aviation, or something specially made in house, will quench your thirst handily. But even if you teetotal, next time you’re thinking about dining out, most definitely consider Franktuary!

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