Taco Tuesdays At The Lava Lounge

Achievement: #27. Check Out 2 Taco Tuesdays

This’ll be a short one. We were looking for a quick achievement one weeknight this summer, when we realized that a) this particular weeknight was a Tuesday, and b) hey, we’ve got a Taco Tuesday achievement, and crucially, c) the place we sometimes hit up for 80s night has a Taco Tuesday! So, gearing up to indulge, we walked the 4.5 miles from our house down to the Lava Lounge on the South Side.

Lava Lounge Taco Tuesday
Yes, Taco Tuesday (which, incidentally, overlaps by about an hour with Metal Night at the Lava Lounge), features $0.85 meat-or-veggie tacos, with choice of hard or soft shell — plus $4 margaritas! How’d that all turn out?

Lava Lounge Taco Tuesday
Well, we got pretty stuffed — but our only regret came from ordering margaritas. Basically, I think all of our home cocktail making and tequila tasting has turned us into margarita snobs, and we’ll never be able to go back to margs from a mix. *Tear*

But still, the tacos had a fresh taste, good crunch, and were surprisingly un-messy. And for six tacos and two margaritas, $20 had us covered with plenty left for a good tip. And in that spirit, here’s a tip from us to you: if you like cheap tacos, and it’s a Tuesday, we definitely recommend grabbing your earplugs and checking out the Lava Lounge.

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