Lawrenceville Eats: A Bangin’ Burger Night At Tender Bar + Kitchen

Achievement: #61. Ten Lawrenceville Restaurants

We’ve had some great experiences dining in Lawrenceville this year, but one of our most pleasant surprises was one that was under our noses the entire time: Burger Night at Tender Bar + Kitchen.

Burger Night @ Tender
We’re usually so busy enjoying the classic cocktails at Tender that we don’t bother with food. But one Monday night, we let Tender’s burgers take center stage, and boy, were we satisfied. Each delicious 1/3rd pounder is made with a house grind of ribeye, chuck, and sirloin, and they’re only $7 apiece!

Burger Night @ Tender
Fox had the red pepper burger, which, wouldn’t you know it, had red peppers resting on it along with a healthy slice of Gouda cheese. It was cooked to a perfect medium-rare and held together really well after the first bite. She also had a side salad that was quite fresh and provided a nice contrast to the heartiness of the burger.

Burger Night @ Tender
I opted for the house burger: the Tender burger, which features cheddar cheese, arugula, onion, and a housemade pub sauce. Though I must admit, I always say ‘pub sauce’ in a G.O.B. Bluth voice, it’s quite scrumptious, and fits beautifully with the burger. On the side? Oh, those are just the most succulent freaking tater tots you’ll ever eat. No big deal.

So yes, as you can probably guess, we recommend Burger Night at Tender. It happens every Monday night, so make sure to set aside an evening!


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2 Responses to Lawrenceville Eats: A Bangin’ Burger Night At Tender Bar + Kitchen

  1. Woubbie

    *stomach growls*


  2. Nice! I will have to try Tender Bar & Kitchen sometime; I’ve heard nothing but good things (and these burgers look soooo good! I remember Fox talking about Tender’s cocktails during the Food Blogger Brunch)! 😀