For Pies Of Notable Size, Visit Vincent’s Pizza Park

Achievement: #84. Vincent's Pizza

As we worked through our big Pizza-lympics achievement last year, it kept being suggested that we ought to bring into the running one Vincent’s Pizza Park in Forest Hills.

Vincent's Pizza
It’s understandable why folks would suggest that Vincent’s be included in any reputable Pittsburgh pizza challenge; it’s a veritable ‘Burgh institution, having served top-quality pies for over 60 years. We ended up not including Vincent’s in last year’s competition, but only for the simple reason that our Pizza-lympics was all about pizza by the slice, and Vincent’s only serves full pies. However, the multitude of cries for Vincent’s! Vincent’s! Vincent’s! did leave us with something of a hankering. So we decided to use an achievement in 2015 in order to give Vincent’s a proper spotlight.

Vincent's Pizza
We settled in at about 6pm Friday evening. We had a hard time finding a table, but back in a corner we were able to grab a two-top just as a couple was vacating it. Once seated, it was quite easy to peruse the menu! (There is a second side, but that just offers some salad options and a list of non-alcoholic beverages.) We settled upon a medium pizza, with mushrooms and bacon.

Vincent's Pizza
After about 20 minutes, the pizza came out. Whoa! Why yes, that is about a package-worth of full slices of thick-cut bacon on top. And oh yeah, remember how we ordered a medium?

Vincent's Pizza
We tried to take another picture to give you some scale, but we ran out of cell phones with which to measure. Yeah, this mutha is LARGE. (Well, this actually is medium — but a Vincent’s medium is freaking mondo-size, m’kay?)

Vincent's Pizza
Fox was pretty psyched to dig in to one of these giant, heavily cheesed, size-of-your-head slices.

As for my own excitement, I’d have to put it at a medium.

Vincent's Pizza
That is, a Vincent’s medium!

This was some amazing pizza. We could barely finish two slices apiece at dinner. And what slices they were! The crust had a terrific flavor that was salty but not overly so, and perfect for sopping up the grease that fell from your slice after each bite. Oh, what magnificently greasy, delectable, transcendent ‘za this was. If I had to sum it up in a haiku, it would be thus:

Glorious Vincent’s
You clogged up my arteries
And then stole my heart

Vincent's Pizza
We took the other half of our 8-cut pie to go, which was wrapped up in this charming fashion.

All told, we spent about $26 including a solid tip for our server, who took good care of us despite being beset by numerous large family groups. For that we got one full dinner for two, plus a huge helping of leftovers. I can’t wait to tuck in to a cold slice for lunch…

Vincent's Pizza
…and I know I’m not the only one in my house who feels that way!


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2 Responses to For Pies Of Notable Size, Visit Vincent’s Pizza Park

  1. Woubbie

    Yumm! Hey, does that mean 2016 is the year of the square-cut Sicilian-style?

    Oh, and be careful with those gang-signs:

    • steelcityfox

      OMG that is a real news article! I thought that was the Onion! lolol

      As for Sicilian pizzas… those funky square pieces go against everything Michael holds near and dear to his heart about pizza, but Vincent’s is thick-crusted in a fashion that may provide a gateway to other, thick-crusted pizzas, so we’ll see! 🙂