Jelly Of The Month Club: Wholey’s Boysenberry Jam

Achievement: #42. Jelly of the Month Club

We continue our cheese and jelly one-two punch with the March chapter of Jelly of the Month Club.

March Jelly of the Month
This time ’round, we’re excited to review the Boysenberry Jam sold by Wholey’s in the Strip District.

Truth be told, the previous two months of our jelly club had been a bit underwhelming. So on the evening of this tasting, we really found ourselves, in the words of Bonnie Tyler, holding out for a hero. Could this Boysenberry Jam salvage our dinged-up year of jellies? We were determined to find out, using our very reliable, very scientific method:

1) Spread the jelly on an English muffin and eat it
2) Spread the jelly on a Ritz cracker with peanut butter and eat it
3) Spread the jelly on a knife and let our dog Lucy eat it

March Jelly of the Month
With more than a little relief, I can say that Wholey’s Boysenberry Jam is the real deal. It was almost Jello-thick, and rich with a dense flavor that stood up well to the English muffin and the peanut butter.

March Jelly of the Month
Of course, for all its sturdy texture, the jam was powerless when faced down by a Lucy-tongue.

Here’s a profile of the Boysenberry Jam in numbers:

color: 5 – it had a dark, jewel-like opacity, and just looked nice when spread.
flavor: 5 – as good as it gets, this stuff.
jelly-ness: 4 – it was almost too thick, but this is really quibbling here.
jar presentation: 4 – it’s simple, but we like the slogan, which would probably be on our family crest if we had one, like, in an eagle’s talons or something.
awesomeness: 5 – this stuff reaches a height of total awesomeness. We can’t wait to use this in a charcuterie plate, or maybe in a crepe, or just eaten out of the dang jar!

This jam is, quite simply, our jam. It has re-energized our optimism for Jelly of the Month, and for that, Wholey’s, I thank you…Fox thanks you…

March Jelly of the Month
…and Lucy thanks you.

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