The Famous Fish Fracas: Perrytowne Drafthouse

Achievement: #13. Famous Fish Sandwich Tour

On our hunt for the perfect Famous Fish sandwich, we’ve ventured over to Lawrenceville, made our way to the heart of downtown, and now, we’ve trekked out to the north — the North Hills, specifically, to check out the Perrytowne Drafthouse.

Perrytowne Drafthouse
While their slogan states that they’re “All About the Beer,” they’ve *also* thrown down a fish fry gauntlet, claiming their house sandwich as, quite simply…

Perrytowne Tavern

Perrytowne Tavern
Don’t worry, though; on the menu, it’s officially called “The Famous Fish Sandwich.” (It’s a requirement of this achievement that the sandwich be specifically called “Famous,” and I’m nothing if not a stickler for completely arbitrary rules of my own invention!)

Perrytowne Tavern
We decided to split one fish, and one app. We opted for the nachos (mainly because they were out of calamari), but it worked out pretty well in the end. The nachos were banging! The chips were crisp and the veggies fresh. Not to mention the fact that it was enormous. And speaking of enormous…

Perrytowne Tavern
Look at that monster! That’s one half of Perrytowne’s Famous Fish Sandwich, with one half of the fries that come with it. The bun was tasty, and the fish was fried just right without too much oiliness. While Nied’s Hotel Bar and Restaurant is still my gold standard, I will definitely accept the sandwich at Perrytowne Drafthouse as a contender for the best in the North Hills!

Perrytowne Tavern
So yeah, the Perrytowne Drafthouse, and its Famous Fish Sandwich, are the real deal. While it was a little difficult to get service at first (we came in during a shift change and there was nobody to tell us whether we should wait to be seated, sit down, or what have you), once we had this menu in front of us, it was a good experience all around. Fox and I would definitely recommend checking it out!

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  1. Woubbie

    “I’m nothing if not a stickler for completely arbitrary rules of my own invention!”

    Me too!