Friday Statudanceatopia: Lumpy Mr. Rogers

Achievement: #4. Posing with Statues

For 2017, we decided to resurrect 2 old Achievements that have always held a special place in our hearts. Six times this year, Michael will pose with a statue. And six times this year, I, Fox, will dance inappropriately somewhere out in the world. We will bring these magical moments to you on the final Friday of each month. And we shall call it, Friday Statudanceatopia.

Okay. No we won’t. I promise we won’t.* We’ll just show you the pictures and tell you briefly about the location.

Posing with Statues - January
Our first location was a seemingly very-appropriate stop: the Mister Rogers statue at the North Shore.

(Incidentally, this statue is actually known as “the lumpy Mr. Rogers statue,” according to Roadside America. Who knew.)

Posing with Statues - January
The huge statue is on the North Shore, right in front of the river across from Heinz Field. Word of warning: it plays audio clips of Mister Rogers, even in the dark of night (now you hopefully won’t freak out like we did).

Posing with Statues - January
Let’s all agree: right now is a time we can all use a little Mister Rogers in our lives (lumpy or otherwise). <3

* Editor’s (aka Husband’s) note: um, of course we’re going to call it that.

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One Response to Friday Statudanceatopia: Lumpy Mr. Rogers

  1. Woubbie

    Yup, could sure use his voice among us again. Who’s going to advocate for public broadcasting now that the Barbarians are at the Gate?