Jelly Of The Month Club: Freedom Farms No Sugar Added Blueberry

Achievement: #12. Jelly of the Month Club

Well, it’s the first Friday of the month, and that means we’re back with another installment of Jelly of the Month Club.

This month, we are featuring a jelly we bought from a local farm just up Route 8 from the ‘Burgh: Freedom Farms.

Jelly of the Month - February
We started going to Freedom Farms when our local butcher shut down. They have some of the best meat we’ve ever gotten in Pittsburgh, but the question remained: could their jams and jellies stand up to the high standard set by their meats and produce? We decided to check out a jar of their sugarless blueberry jelly to find out.

Jelly of the Month - February
The first thing we noticed when we opened the jar is that, HOLY COW are there a lot of full blueberries in this jar!!! The fruit in here is the real deal. The lack of added sugar means this jelly has a delightful sweetness that doesn’t taste artificial one bit. And the jelly itself is a lovely deep purpley-blue color.

Jelly of the Month - February
Layla Grace just LOVED this jelly.

Jelly of the Month - February
“Moar pls Mommy!!!!!!”

Jelly of the Month - February

Here’s the final breakdown of our scores for this champion of a jelly, on our patented* Jelly-Jam Quality Scale:

color: 4. Big clumps hide the true beauty of this jelly, but as soon as you spread it, the lovely hues shine.
flavor: 5. This was a hit. Sweet, but not too sweet, full of juicy blueberries. Great with the peanut butter crackers, but stands alone on an English muffin or bagel as well.
jelly-ness: 4.5. We were not ready for (the jiggle of) this jelly.
jar presentation: 3.5. Really the only place this jelly didn’t knock it out of the park was the jar. It’s a fine jar, but it has quite a big of empty space. Whatever, we aren’t eating the jar!
awesomeness: 4.5. This will be our new go-to jelly in the coming weeks for sure. So good that I’ll definitely pick up one of the other sugarless flavors the next time I’m at the shop!

Freedom Farms is located in Butler County, but if that’s too far of a drive for you, shop online or check out their traveling farmer’s market schedule! They’re sure to have a location near you when the weather turns warmer!

* Note: we’re using the word “patented” very loosely…as in, it’s not in any way patented.

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One Response to Jelly Of The Month Club: Freedom Farms No Sugar Added Blueberry

  1. Woubbie

    No sugar added!!!! I can totally get behind this! My go-to fruits are mostly berries these days anyways, mixed with full fat Greek yogurt. Must look into this!