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Tequila Tour: We Claim A Prize

Achievement: #29. Verde Tequila Tour, Act II | #58. Verde Tequila Tour, Act III | #7. Verde Tequila Tour, Act I | #71. Verde Tequila Tour, Act IV | #81. Verde Tequila Tour, Act V

We were pretty proud of ourselves when we managed to finish our big Tequila Tour at Verde last year. Apparently, the staff was pretty proud of us, too, because they gave us a token to take home! Check it out! Continue reading


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Tequila Tour: The Revenge

Achievement: #29. Verde Tequila Tour, Act II

This is the second set of tequila reviews from our wild tour of all Jalisco has to offer, made possible by the humongous wall of tequila at Verde Mexican Kitchen and Cantina. Pull up a stool and have a taste! Continue reading

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