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Restaurant Week Returns! (And So Do We)

Achievement: #47. Wildcard #1

101 Achievements is back! And so is Pittsburgh Restaurant Week. Last week, we attended a blogger dinner at Bonfire to celebrate PRW’s kickoff. Come see what’s on the menu! Continue reading

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The Days Of Wine And Cheeses

Achievement: #47. Wildcard #1

We kicked off our year of 2019 achievements in the most delicious way possible: by throwing down a wild card and going to a wine-and-cheese dinner at Spork! Continue reading

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Wednesday Wine Flights With The Great Pete Hanowich

Achievement: #47. Go to a Wednesday Wine Flight Class

Well, my dear readers, I’m going to have to admit something to you here: my husband and I may be the very tiniest bit of wine snobs. Okay. Maybe that wasn’t something new that I’m admitting. Maybe anybody who has … Continue reading


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Hiking The Rachel Carson Trails

Achievement: #47. Hike the Rachel Carson trails

Rachel Carson is one of those names that pops up all over the city of Pittsburgh. She was an environmentalist whose research was instrumental in the restricting of DDT use in pesticides, but she was also someone who just seemed … Continue reading

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