Angie’s 21st

Achievement: #99. Take Angie out for her twenty-first birthday

This year, Michael’s ‘little’ sister hit the big milestone and turned twenty-one. Since she’d had to suffer through both of her brothers’ twenty-firsts (these are long stories which the guys may or may not be willing to recount to the public ;), we thought it was only fair that we took her out for hers.

The family gathered in that nice, big, round table at the back of the North Hills Mad Mex where Ang got to have her first legal drink – and it was quite a big start!

Angie's 21st
Here she is with the famous Big-Azz Margarita (this is the happy hour special at Mad Mex – 22 ounces of pure margarita bliss).

Angie's 21st
Since we spent her eighteenth birthday coloring at the dining room table (true story), it was only logical that we do something to rival that, and so we played Bananagrams. I totally cheated, but I made some awesome words in the process.

Angie's 21st
Michael doesn’t care whose twenty-first it is, he’s going to outdrink the birthday person. And so he did. And to pay for his bad behavior, I will post this embarrassing picture in public 🙂

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