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Keeping It Classy At LeMont Restaurant

Achievement: #27. Summer Restaurant Week

It’s that time of year again — Pittsburgh Restaurant Week! We kicked off our mini-tour with a visit to a true Pittsburgh classic: LeMont Restaurant on Mount Washington. Check it out! Continue reading


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The Elaborate Monthly: Barbecued Burgers & Salmon Skewers

Achievement: #34. Have One New Elaborate Homecooked Meal a Month

Well, for our May elaborate meal, we got so elaborate that we added a new piece of equipment to our dinner repertoire: a grill! Yes, we somehow went almost two full years as homeowners without having a grill of our … Continue reading

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Black Friday & Putting Up The Christmas Tree

Achievement: #44. Do something Christmassy every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve

Well, after I ambitiously made up this Achievement, I realized that with my crazy work schedule (I work 62 hours every other week), this was going to be really tough. And with that in mind, I decided that we would … Continue reading

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A Raucous Round Of Apples To Apples With The Fam

Achievement: #91. Host a game night

Game Night is another one of those things that goes back to the very beginning of our relationship. The first summer we were together, we lived in Oakland, and were each working only about twenty hours a week. Each Tuesday … Continue reading

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Lucy’s First Day Home

Achievement: #81. Get a puppy

Getting a puppy is something we had talked a whole lot about before we actually did it. We knew we wanted a little beast to make our family complete, but we were waiting for just the right time and just … Continue reading

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Angie’s 21st

Achievement: #99. Take Angie out for her twenty-first birthday

This year, Michael’s ‘little’ sister hit the big milestone and turned twenty-one. Since she’d had to suffer through both of her brothers’ twenty-firsts (these are long stories which the guys may or may not be willing to recount to the … Continue reading

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