Only in the South…

Achievement: #92. Photograph three ‘only in the south’ things while in SC

We headed to Hilton Head, South Carolina for my cousin’s wedding, and we decided that while there, it was only fitting to find a few things that would make us say, ‘only in the south…’ and shake our heads. I think this idea originated because of a particularly scary night we spent in transit from Myrtle Beach to Pittsburgh in 2006, involving a haunted rest stop, fugitives running along the highway, and generally suspicious behavior in Cape Fear, North Carolina.

So we set out to find the events that could only happen underneath Pennsylvania (because let’s face it, West Virginia counts as the south). We were off to a good start when we hit a McDonalds in Harrison County, WV for breakfast.

Only in the South
Yes, you’re reading that right: if a SuperSize fry isn’t big enough for you, there’s always the McBasket!

Only in the South
And if you were thinking, “You know, I really don’t need these arteries anymore,” you could always clog them up with a delicious and horrifying dinner deal like this! (I admit – if I lived in Harrison County, I would be all over this at some point.)

Only in the South
Next, in a moment that left me speechless and worried about his mental health, my husband had grits for breakfast. And here’s what’s worse: he actually kind of liked them. Another few days in Hilton Head and he would have been speaking with an accent!

Only in the South
Finally, we thought we were going to be heading back north short an ‘only in the south’ photo, when we stopped for lunch at a Wendy’s in North Carolina. This Wendy’s posts an official Church of the Month on its bulletin board, and while it could, theoretically happen in the north, I have to assume that it really only does in the south. 🙂

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