13. Go to all the Pittsburgh Primanti Brothers

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Since we were already heading out to Robinson for the drive-in movie, we decided to hit up the Robinson Primanti’s for dinner. Although this one is a suburban Primanti’s, it manages to get a pass in my book because it tries to be a city Primanti’s more than Cranberry. It has the old-style wooden sandwich board menu on the wall, and although you can’t see the sandwiches being made, you can see where the kitchen is. The Cranberry Primanti’s seemed to be hiding the kitchen from us, like our sandwiches were arriving from some secret, unknown location.

Here we are with my roast beef sandwich. Another thing to note: the Robinson Primanti’s had a roast beef patty, while other Primanti’s have real, sliced roast beef. It tasted almost the same as the cheesesteak. My research knows no bounds! 🙂

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