A Movie Date At the Twin Hi-Way Drive-In

Achievement: #90. Go to a drive-in movie

Drive-ins have recently come back in Pittsburgh, and we actually have ones that are open year-round (although I presume they closed during the Snowpocalypse). Neither of us had been to a drive-in movie since we were little, and we wanted to check one out this summer.

We went on a Monday night, with buy-one-get-one tickets, and we were a full fifth of the audience that night. We chose the Twin Hi-Way Drive-In in Robinson, which had been closed down for many years, and only recently reopened. Michael had never been to a drive-in since he moved to Pittsburgh, but I fondly remembered the Twin Hi-Way from my childhood, including seeing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II as part of a double feature and driving our parents crazy singing the “Ninja Rap” the whole rest of the night.

We picked Dinner for Schmucks as our movie, and it was hilarious. We did feel a little awkward being the only ones around us laughing (a group of sixteen year olds had set up lawn chairs in front of the SUV next to us, and I think the humor was a little old for them, and they were probably just going, ‘gosh those people in the car next to us are so OLD who laughs at this crap anyway’), but we had a fantastic time, and it was way cheaper than the theater!

We got there early to secure a spot in the crowded lot! We were the third car to arrive, and two arrived after us. Best seat in the house!

Waiting for the movie to start!

The sign outside as we were leaving.

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