Murray Avenue Restaurant Challenge: Ka Mei (And A Fortuneless Fortune)

Achievement: #2. Eat at every restaurant on Murray Ave

It was a dark and stormy night… No really, it was! It started out breezy and lovely, but just as we found parking on a side street off of Murray Avenue, the skies opened and one of the most torrential downpours of the summer hit. We badly needed this rain, as August had been hideously drought-y, and it was so fun to watch it come down outside as we sat, toasty warm, and enjoyed heavenly Chinese food.

Our next stop on our Murray Ave Food Achievement was Ka Mei, an authentic Hong Kong restaurant here in Squirrel Hill. How authentic? We were one of the few people speaking English in the place.

The service was just excellent, and the food was really top-notch. When we looked the restaurant up on Yelp, there was a lot of discussion about authenticity of the place, and I think the deal is real. So come check this place out!!

Ka Mei
We started things out with crab rangoons. Crunchy and crispy and cheesy, yes please!

Ka Mei
And Chinese food just isn’t the same without green tea. It was the perfect drink on a stormy night!

Ka Mei
We each got a shrimp egg roll to start, which was probably the only not-perfect part of the night. Still good, but we are really hardcore about judging egg rolls.

Ka Mei
Here is Michael with his shrimp and cashew dinner, which I may or may not have stolen a few pieces of during the course of the evening. Oh it was so good! (I mean, not that I would know, since I got a different dinner…)

Ka Mei
And here was MY dinner, pork with string beans and carrots and fluffy white rice. Oh heaven. Oh what delicious dinner, and delicious leftovers the next day as well! Can you see how thick that pork is??

Ka Mei
We finished the night off with fortune cookies, where Michael found an unfortunate fortuneless fortune!

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