Sunrise On The Capitol Limited

Achievement: #49. See a cool sunrise

We have really, terribly unfortunate luck with sunrises most of the time, as the days we usually pick to watch them are overcast and/or rainy. We had terrific luck once at Paradise Cove just outside of Los Angeles, but that was a freak ocurrence in the days before we moved back east, as if LA was trying to convince us to change our minds at the last second.

But the train is one of the best places to catch a sunrise if the weather is right. This is because often on long train trips, you wind up going to bed shortly after dark and consequently getting up much earlier than you would at home. This was the case on our trip to Chicago in September to see Dave Matthews Band.

These were taken around 6:15am, shortly before the time zone switched to Central.

This was the view out our roomette window.

Quiet and pretty. I love early mornings on the train, partially because they mean it’s almost time for train breakfast, which is really among the best in the world. 🙂

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