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Let Your Imagination Ride The Rails At WPMRM

Achievement: #74. See a Miniature Railroad

To close out the year, we took a trip a little north of the city to visit the Western PA Model Railroad Museum. Spoiler alert: it’s totally awesome! Take a quick tour with us, and then make a trek out yourself before the season ends. Continue reading

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A Random Train Trip To NYC

Achievement: #45. Mini Train Vacation Getaway

Last year, we had a train trip that Lemony Snicket couldn’t have topped. The result was a sizable credit from Amtrak, which we finally got to use to take a train trip to New York City, to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Check out the results! Continue reading

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Kinzua: We Look Into The Abyss

Achievement: #15. Kinzua Bridge

We took a day trip up into the Allegheny National Forest to see the wreckage of the Kinzua Bridge. It’s a downright awe-inspiring sight, and a testament to the power of nature. Check it out! Continue reading


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Riding The GAP: Rockwood To Cumberland

Achievement: #75. Great Allegheny Passage Bike Trail

Day 3 of the GAP Trail is your reward for making it through the first two days. Enjoy the sights, the scenery, and the downhill coast into Cumberland! Continue reading


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A Magical Ride On Amtrak’s Coast Starlight Train

Achievement: #76. Take the Coast Starlight

In this blast from the past, we share our experience riding the Coast Starlight train down from Seattle to the Central Coast of California. Short version: do it! Do it now! Continue reading

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Paradise Found: Views From The California Zephyr

Achievement: #3. Take a Train Somewhere We’ve Never Gone Before

So, as everyone knows, we love to travel by train. The first vacation Michael and I ever took together was via train (and later the Fung Wah bus) to Boston. Last year, our big vacation involved a train trip across … Continue reading

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Sunrise On The Capitol Limited

Achievement: #49. See a cool sunrise

We have really, terribly unfortunate luck with sunrises most of the time, as the days we usually pick to watch them are overcast and/or rainy. We had terrific luck once at Paradise Cove just outside of Los Angeles, but that … Continue reading

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