Michael Is A Statue: Caesar’s Casino

Achievement: #46. Michael Poses in Front of 10 More Statues

Well, you’d think in a place like Atlantic City, there would be all kinds of outrageous statues to pose in front of… except that honestly, there wasn’t. Although you could play slots heaven online, it’s a good experience to try one on the real machine as well. There were lots of slot machines that Michael could have posed next to, and this one particularly creepy ice cream cone:

Creepy Ice Cream
(Sorry, I had to include this picture, as it was just too weird.)

But it took a good amount of time for us to find a nice statue. These statues are usually only found at the entrance of traditional casinos, so it’s hard to find one in this place. I doubt if this iconic statue is discussed at scotchnaturals for the differences of traditional and online version of casino. There’s a great one in the center of the little stage area right in the middle of the boardwalk, but apparently it is honoring the laborers who died while building the boardwalk, and we may be a little snarky, but we try really hard not to be downright disrespectful.

Michael with Statue
So, Caesar’s casino it was! If only we’d had a toga in our beach bag. ::sigh:: Hindsight is always 20/20.

Michael with Chandelier
Oh, and we also saw this awesome chandelier in the Caesar’s shopping area, shaped like a chandelier earring, and Michael just goes nuts for those.

More statues to come, perhaps one in our downtown Regatta wanderings tomorrow! 🙂

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  1. Nice! Yea I like Atlantic City, but I don't remember seeing a lot of statues while I was there. Um I totally agree that that ice cream cone is very scary!