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Fine Foods, Fine Booze in Atlantic City

Achievement: #74. Visit Atlantic City

We saved some bucks traveling to Atlantic City via Groupon…and we spent those bucks on booze and terrific meals. Here are some of our top recommendations to visit. Continue reading

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Smashing Fun And Burning Sun At The DMB Caravan

Achievement: #33. See 4 New Bands Live

As it turns out, going to a music festival weekend is a pretty good alternative to the old method of finding new music, which was Dating New Boys. Or, if you’re a boy, Dating New Girls. See, Michael and I … Continue reading

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Michael Is A Statue: Caesar’s Casino

Achievement: #46. Michael Poses in Front of 10 More Statues

Well, you’d think in a place like Atlantic City, there would be all kinds of outrageous statues to pose in front of… except that honestly, there wasn’t. There were lots of slot machines that Michael could have posed next to, … Continue reading

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Beaufurb The Furby Does Atlantic City

Achievement: #28. Take Pictures of a Silly Mascot in 10 Famous Places

Hello, readers! Didn’t want you to think we’d forgotten about you! We were just off on Vacation #2 in a three-week span (didn’t quite plan for things to work out that way, but a very important event popped up this … Continue reading

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