White Wine And Dog Movies, With Dave Matthews

Achievement: #26. Dave Matthews Movie Night: The Revenge

And now, in the middle of Dave Weeks (more on that to come at the completion of Dave-Time), here’s a short entry about our Dave Matthews movie night.

You may recall our first Dave Matthews movie night which we planned last year in honor of the fact that the band was ‘taking a year off’ from touring. Since we’re pretty hardcore Dave Matthews Band concert-goers, that was a terrifying thought, and thus was born Dave Matthews Movie Night. (Thankfully, they then announced the Caravan music festival, which helped us deal with our withdrawal even better!)

But, as things tend to go with us, not everything went according to schedule on Dave Matthews Movie Night. We’d planned on watching two movies, and only were able to come up with one of them. And while we were able to try some wine from Dave’s Virginia winery, we hadn’t been able to get our hands on any of the new Dreaming Tree wine. And so, we decided to do just one more Dave movie night.

(And since my husband has a strict movie-sequel-naming process, we dubbed it Dave Matthews Movie Night: The Revenge.)

DMB Movie Night
Step One: Load Lucy into her doggy Beauford shirt (which she then would not let us take off of her for almost three days).

DMB Movie Night
Step Two: Stock up on Dreaming Tree wine. (Heads up, fellow Yinzers: Dreaming Tree Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon are available at our liquor stores! We buy them from the big store in East Liberty, but I know other stores have them as well.)

I was really pleased with both of the Dreaming Tree wines, by the way. Much better than the Blenheim wine, which doesn’t surprise me all that much, as DT is Californian wine (although north of where we typically go, in Sonoma – but just wait until our 2013 List, hint hint!). I’ve been on a big Chardonnay kick lately with all the hot weather, and I’m totally loving DT’s.

DMB Movie Night
Final Step: Sit down with wine, cornbread, and movies, and enjoy! PS, I won’t give away the ending of Where the Red Fern Grows, in case you haven’t read or seen it, but DANG did I forget how sad it was! I mean, I remembered it being sad but… I was almost as sad as the time my dad made me watch Old Yeller as a kid. (That’s a true story, by the way. My dad caught me crying during the old neighbor man part at the end of Home Alone, and I, always the tough kid, tried to say it was actually just my allergies, and not tears. So, to prove a point, my dad made me watch Old Yeller with him later that day. I like to think that I’m proving a point now every Father’s Day when I send him sappy cards that make him cry!)

Anyway. Where the Red Fern Grows was pretty decent. Dave’s acting is good, the child actor is decent, and there are lots of dogs! Just… you might, like me, feel inclined to climb into your pup’s pen with her after the movie. I’m just saying.

Thankfully, Jon had brought a Dave & Tim DVD as well, so we watched that to shake the sadness out of our systems. (Dave and Tim playing “The Maker” will cheer anyone up!)

Our second Dave Matthews movie night was a success, and it definitely helped us get pumped up for two weeks of Dave shows! Reviews on Alpine Valley and Starlake to come next week!

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  1. I found your blog because Pgh Restaurant Week retweeted your AvenueB entry. I'm so glad they did. Very cool, very different blog. FYI – My wife and I met at a DMB concert so we totally get this. Thanks for a great blog!