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We Came Back: An Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Marathon

Achievement: #65. Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Marathon | #66. Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Meals

We’ve run a few different movie-and-food nights over the years, each organized around different stars (of varying caliber). This year, it was Schwarzenegger’s turn. Come bask in the guilty pleasures of a 4-movie binge of 80s (and 90s) action, paired with completely over-indulgent foods! Continue reading

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Cheese Of The Month Club: Spanish Cheeses (And Hellraiser Puns)

Achievement: #13. Cheese of the Month Club

We bring to you a fresh installment of Cheese of the Month Club, focused on Spanish cheeses. (And also, because we were watching the movie Hellraiser while eating them, a disturbing amount of Hellraiser wordplay.) Continue reading

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A Mini-Marathon At Row House Cinema

Achievement: #77. See a Movie at Row House Cinema

We don’t make it out to the movies too often these days, but when we get the chance, we do it right. Check out our appraisal of Rowhouse Cinema in Lawrenceville and the themed series we saw: Tight Pants Week! Continue reading


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We Would Die 4 A Prince Movie Marathon

Achievement: #90. Prince Movie Marathon

This year, our main movie-related achievement was to watch all three Prince movies in a row, with cocktails to match each one. What were the highlights? What were the lowlights? Come and find out! Continue reading

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Con Air, On A Scale Of 1 To Cusack

Achievement: #98. Watch 1 Film from Each Decade of John Cusack’s Career

We sat down and watched the 90s action flick, Con Air, to judge its John Cusack-ness. Come see how it measures up on the Dobler Scale! Continue reading

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White Wine And Dog Movies, With Dave Matthews

Achievement: #26. Dave Matthews Movie Night: The Revenge

And now, in the middle of Dave Weeks (more on that to come at the completion of Dave-Time), here’s a short entry about our Dave Matthews movie night. You may recall our first Dave Matthews movie night which we planned … Continue reading

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A Night Of Misadventures Featuring Dave Matthews

Achievement: #36. Watch a Movie Starring Dave Matthews Since There Is No Tour | #63. Participate in 3 DMB-Inspired Things

So, to round out our DMB-Inspired Achievement, we decided to pair it up with #36, our Dave Matthews movie night. If you weren’t aware, Mr. Matthews is quite the versatile guy, and when he’s not writing and performing the best … Continue reading


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Feats Of Strength: The Hulk Hogan Movie Marathon & Drinking Game

Achievement: #2. Hulk Hogan Movie Marathon/Drinking Game | #9. Use Our Popcorn Maker and Creme Brulee Maker

If you were reading our blog last year, you probably remember our elaborate Van Damme Movie Marathon, complete with different foods to match each movie, and super creative Photoshop works of art that I made to make my husband look … Continue reading

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Our Extreme Weather-Themed Drink Night (with embarrassing video!)

Achievement: #16. Watch Michael’s Favorite Movies | #65. 4 Theme Drink Nights

You know when people say, ‘be careful what you wish for, you just might get it?’ Well, surely you will remember last week when I was talking about how much I love earthquakes and kind of sort of miss them. … Continue reading


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In Which Michael Loses His Rocky Horror Virginity

Achievement: #45. See Rocky Horror with Steve and Tony

This Achievement was a fail, but since we gave it such a valiant effort, I give us a pass on it. It was really out of our control (mostly), but we really gave it a shot. Michael has never seen … Continue reading

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