After Hours At The Carnegie Library

Achievement: #10. After Hours at the Library

Have you ever found yourself saying, “I just love libraries, but all those rules really do me in; I wish I could just run amok and enjoy delicious food and booze while I was at the library”? Because if you have, congratulations, there are now at least 3 of us that feel that way. And if you haven’t, you really should. And best of all, the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh lets you do just that with their After Hours at the Library series.

We were able to go to the last one back in March, but there is another one coming up next week! You can get details of the upcoming event and buy your tickets at the CLP website, and then check out our photoblog of the last event to see what you’ll get to experience!

The event is held at the CLP main branch in Oakland.

The theme of the event we went to was In Pursuit of Music: from Wolfgang to Gangnam Style. The interactive chalkboards on the main floor invited you to write about your first concert (mine was Alan Jackson & Trisha Yearwood, and Michael’s was Metallica, for the record).

Hummus from the Greek Gourmet! You know I was a happy girl!

Wild Purveyors were there as well, with yummy dips and spreads (with beets!).

On the topic of beverages, Craig from Tender was there, serving up some delicious Wigle Whiskey cocktails (you get a few free drink tickets with the price of admission).

And of course, Pittsburgh Winery was there with bottles and bottles of their fabulous wine.

Candy table, with candy facts about famous musicians and their weird backstage requests.

Live music going all night. (This is the band Nameless in August.)

Probably my favorite thing about the event was the Live Action Trivial Pursuit. You had six categories (pop, rock, country, classical, hip hop, and R&B), and had to meet volunteers dressed up as the categories. They would ask you a question, and if you got it right, you got a checkmark in your program.

You know we got all six categories checked off!

You could enter your scorecards in the box to win a drawing! (We didn’t win. But it was so fun!!)

Upstairs in the classical department, you could pose as Mozart.

I made a pretty fierce mask to wear at some fancy 1700s costume ball.

AND I got to play the giant floor piano from the movie Big! (Not as easy as the movie makes it look, FYI.)

Back downstairs, we enjoyed some of Marty’s Market’s amazing porcetta. BEST.

I took the photo I’ll use someday for my book jacket cover.

We got airbrush tattoos.

(Mine was Cthulu.)

After Hours at the Library
And basically embraced our inner rock stars the rest of the night.

If you’re around in the evening on October 17th, we really recommend you check out the After Hours event! In addition to having a great time, you’ll also be supporting an important Pittsburgh institution, the Carnegie Library! (Even better? A portion of your ticket cost is tax-deductible! You’ve got nothing to lose!) Check out the website – tickets are on a discount until October 13th.

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