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CSA Spectacular: The Recipes Return

Achievement: #11. CSA - Weekly Posts

Over the years, our CSA has given us a fair quantity of unusual foods that we’ve never seen before. This year, our goal is to cook every single thing that we receive in the box. Each time we receive our share, we’ll be documenting the recipes we’ve used in our quest. This time, our new-to-us ingredient was tatsoi — so we’ve got a recipe for that, and a whole bunch more. Check it out! Continue reading


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A Cocktail For Every Season: Back To The Earth

Achievement: #82. Invent One Cocktail Per Season

This year, we’re attempting to create one new cocktail for each season. First up is winter, and we’re coming at you with a beet-infused spin on the Blood and Sand that we call…Back to the Earth. Continue reading

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After Hours At The Carnegie Library

Achievement: #10. After Hours at the Library

We attended the last After Hours event at the Carnegie Library back in March. But the next installment of the event is a mere week away, so read, preview, and then get your tickets! Continue reading

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A Splendid Dinner At E2

Achievement: #33. Pittsburgh Dining Cards

When saving on dining out in the ‘Burgh meets supporting local organizations, you get the Pittsburgh City Dining Cards. And when you get the Pittsburgh City Dining Cards, you get some tasty new options for dinner for $10 off. We started our adventure with E2 in Highland Park! Continue reading

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Blogger Dinner @ #Sausalido

Achievement: #76. Pittsburgh Restaurant Week (Summer)

Tuesday of Restaurant Week brought one of our favorite events: the blogger dinner! Even better? This season’s dinner was held at our favorite Bloomfield restaurant, Sausalido! Read on for some world-rocking appetizers! Continue reading

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Bone Marrow And More At Root 174

Achievement: #30. Eat at Every Regent Square Restaurant | #45. Pittsburgh Restaurant Week (Winter)

File Friday night’s meal under ‘why on earth haven’t we gone here yet?’ We made a Restaurant Week visit to a foodie’s piece of Heaven, Root 174 in Regent Square. Continue reading

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Kaleidoscope Kills It For Pittsburgh Restaurant Week

Achievement: #28. Pittsburgh Restaurant Week

It is an unfortunate fact of life that all (fun, thrilling, exciting, and wonderful) things must come to an end (while all terrible, boring, and annoying things shall stretch on forever… it’s a proven fact). And this, of course, is … Continue reading


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