Friday Statudanceatopia: Daisy’s Dream

Achievement: #4. Posing with Statues

Now, I know this is not, strictly speaking, a Friday. We recently spent a little time out in California, which threw our posting schedule off a bit…but now we’re back — and with a nice, hefty backlog of posts to get up on the blog. First up: another installment of Friday Statudanceatopia!

Posing with Statues
We’re always on the lookout for some interesting statue that I can mimic — and honestly, the weirder and more embarrassing for me, the better (at least this is what Fox insists). We spotted our first candidate for this feature right after we landed out west. We always fly in to the small county airport near where we’re staying in San Luis Obispo; this year, we noticed that outside the airport stood a random cow statue.

The statue turned out to be part of a larger exhibition spread all across the county called CowParade. The cow above is called “Plane Old Heifer.”

Fox We considered having me pose alongside this statue, but given that we had just landed after a cross-country flight and were towing multiple 50-lb suitcases (and carry-ons, etc), I we opted against.

Little did we know that this would not be our last encounter with CowParade.

Posing with Statues
Several days later, while out tasting wine in the Paso Robles region, we stopped at one of our regular visitations at a winery called Castoro Cellars. They have a great tasting room, beautiful property, and (though we’ve never had the time to use it) a disc golf course.

Posing with Statues
…And this year, they also had a statue of a cow playing disc golf. So, here you go! May my indignity bring you joy. 😉

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  1. Woubbie

    Well done! You must have a Tauren alt stashed away somewhere!