March Coffee Talk: Arriviste Coffee Bar

Achievement: #78. Monthly Coffeeshop Feature

Coffeeshop Feature
In 2017, we’re visiting one coffee shop per month somewhere around Pittsburgh and giving you the scoop. We’re typically aiming to post on the last Monday of each month, but as with everything in the orbit of our California trip, the March post got a little delayed. So, here’s our third installment, in which we trek to Shadyside to visit the new establishment, Arriviste Coffee Bar on Ellsworth Avenue.

Coffeeshop Feature
On its door, Arriviste touts its “almost 5 stars on Yelp,” and we can happily report that those stars are well earned. It’s a lovely spot, with nice folks and plenty of style.

Coffeeshop Feature
We each enjoyed some tasty coffee and an even tastier raspberry pastry (their selection is quite good!). It was definitely a place you can hang out comfortably, so we enjoyed our breakfast over some crosswords we brought, and enjoyed the people watching on Ellsworth.

Coffeeshop Feature
If I had one complaint, it’s just that Arriviste closes earlier than I usually am out for coffee…but if you’re an early riser, we highly recommend stopping over for a beverage and a snack! It’s absolutely worth your time and dollars.

Arriviste Coffee Bar is located at 5730 Ellsworth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15232. It’s open Monday through Friday from 7am – 6pm, and Saturday & Sunday from 8am – 5pm.

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  1. Woubbie

    I am actually contemplating opening a coffee shop in our little burg. I’m thinking more Coffee-a-Go-Go than tasteful contemplative spot, but you never know where the idea might go.