Proper Cocktail Hump Day: Singani Corpse Reviver #2

Achievement: #67. Craft Cocktail Lab

Last weekend, we were introduced to a glorious new spirit that’s only in the last few years become available in the United States: singani, the national liquor of Bolivia. We attended an event hosted by Singani 63, which is Steven Soderbergh’s brand of the spirit, and we were given a swag bag that included a booklet of singani-spun takes on classic cocktails, as well as some small sample bottles of the liquor itself. (Oh, yeah, and Steven Soderbergh — Singani 63 founder and one of my personal film heroes — was there and he was super nice and down-to-earth, nbd.)

So, naturally, Singani 63 is what we’re working with for this entry of Proper Cocktail Hump Day.*

Proper Cocktail Humpday
The cool thing about singani is that it is truly one of the most versatile spirits I’ve ever tried. When used as a substitute in a cocktail I already know, it brings surprising new dimension and nuances. Though the options were wide, the one that most caught my eye out of the Singani 63 cocktail booklet was a take on the Corpse Reviver #2, substituting Singani 63 for gin. Here is the recipe:

1 oz Singani 63
1 oz Cointreau
1 oz Lillet blanc
1 oz fresh lemon juice
1 dash absinthe
cocktail cherry

shake all liquid ingredients with ice, strain into a coupe glass
garnish with cocktail cherry

Proper Cocktail Humpday
The botanical aspects of the singani made it a perfect gin substitute, transforming an already interesting drink into something even more so. On top of its botanical character, the citrusy punch of the singani enhanced both the orange in the Cointreau and the puckery lemon juice, making this yet another lovely springtime sipper. I definitely recommend that you get some Singani 63 and try this at home. (Even though we Pennsylvanians have to literally call our state Liquor Control Board, like the Internet doesn’t even exist, and special-order Singani 63 by phone.)

* Quick legal note: we were not paid in any way to write up or feature Singani 63 — nor were we directly encouraged to do so, because I was so starstruck that I never even spoke with Steven Soderbergh, let alone told him about our little blog.

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  1. Woubbie

    Fascinating! Never heard of this stuff before, sounds yum!