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Monday Night RAW: A Natural Wine Tasting

Achievement: #54. Wildcard #1

We love a good wine tasting, and Allegheny Wine Mixer threw a fantastic one a couple weeks back. We’re here with the report; check it out. Continue reading

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We Learn About Wine At A Tastin’ Tuesday With Pete Hanowich

Achievement: #54. Take Mum to a Wine Class

My mum is becoming a bit of a foodie-in-training, and I’m proud to say she’s also becoming a wine-fan in training! This year, we wanted my mum to join us for one of Pete Hanowich’s Tastin’ Tuesday wine classes down at Station Square. Continue reading

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Wilmerding, The Hollywood Of Forest Hills (Wait, What?)

Achievement: #54. Take a Hollywood-style picture in front of the Wilmerding sign

Wilmerding is a part of Pittsburgh that… is there. I won’t lie and pretend I know a whole bunch of things about Wilmerding. I do know that it was established in 1890, and that you have to take Electric Avenue … Continue reading


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