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Of Course We Dressed Up Like Cowboys To Watch The Movie “Young Guns”

Achievement: #64. Watch Young Guns Dressed as Cowboys

We first added this achievement to our list in 2011, and a mere seven years later, here we are, actually doing the damn thing. Never let anyone tell you can’t achieve your goals! (Even if your goals are, like ours, very weird.) Continue reading

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Carnivores, Take Heed: Union Pig & Chicken Is A Can’t-Miss

Achievement: #70. Pittsburgh Restaurant Week (Summer)

We love a good barbecue, and Union Pig & Chicken works wonders with their meats. From brisket to pork to pastrami, they’ve got it all on lockdown (like Lindsay Lohan), so grab your phone and schedule a stop at Union today! Continue reading


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The Elaborate Monthly: Barbecued Burgers & Salmon Skewers

Achievement: #34. Have One New Elaborate Homecooked Meal a Month

Well, for our May elaborate meal, we got so elaborate that we added a new piece of equipment to our dinner repertoire: a grill! Yes, we somehow went almost two full years as homeowners without having a grill of our … Continue reading

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