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Miso & Wonton: Our DIY Asian Soup Tournament

Achievement: #12. Asian Soup Tournament (7 locations)

Over the course of 2012, we ran what we called an ‘Asian Soup Tournament.’ I had planned on a Miso Soup Tournament, but since Michael is more of a wonton soup guy, we decided to include both soups on the list. Throughout the year, we hit the seven locations planned, and here are the results of the tournament! Continue reading

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Chowing Down On Octopus Sushi At Chaya Japanese Cuisine

Achievement: #12. Asian Soup Tournament (7 locations) | #53. Try 5 ‘Risky’ Foods

In my endless attempts to ‘catch up’ on blog entries, I thought I’d bring to you a dual-Achievement dinner stop we made waaaaay back in March (right, I know, 6 months later). One of our favorite sushi places in Pittsburgh … Continue reading


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A North Hills Excursion: Chinese At House Of Lee

Achievement: #12. Asian Soup Tournament (7 locations) | #29. 10 More Groupons

Well, I know that after the excitement that was Pittsburgh Restaurant Week, I said we were going to take a break from restaurants for a little bit. But as it turns out, we had our first GroupOn of the year … Continue reading


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Oakland Restaurant Challenge: Burma-Tokyo

Achievement: #4. Eat at 15 Oakland Restaurants

Yesterday was a crappy day. It was beautiful outside, and not really all that muggy, but it was full of crappy appointments, and crappy news, and crappy phone calls, and then when I went to the mall to try to … Continue reading


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Around The World In Dining: Korean Food At Green Pepper

Achievement: #42. 5 Different Ethnic Dinners

Last night, after ages and ages of indecision about dinner, we decided it was time to knock off our third ethnic dinner by trying Korean food for the first time. Yes, I know we lived in Los Angeles for a … Continue reading


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