Peeping People And Pigeons At PPG Place

Achievement: #87. People and pigeon watch downtown

When I originally envisioned this Achievement, I was thinking of my years as a secretary (yes, there were years of that), when I worked downtown and wore cute little skirt outfits and had to take crap from chauvinistic stock brokers. Err, rather, I was thinking of my lunch hours of those days, when I got to escape the ‘what do you mean you’re not wearing pantyhose with your suit pants’ confines of the office and step out into the world of downtown.

And I liked that! Often, I would meet my mum for lunch, or I would bring a book or my journal and sit outside for a little bit (this was a summer job, if it was not apparent earlier). And I would sometimes go to Mellon Square downtown, which is a great place to people-watch, as long as you are good at dodging pigeons.

So this was my original plan: one lovely summer day when it wasn’t too hot, we would trek down on a bus and sit in Mellon Square Park and do what I used to do back in the early 2000s. It would be a fabulous little afternoon.

Well… we kind of missed the warm weather opportunity with this one, and wound up going to people watch in… December.

We went to the PPG Place Crazy Mocha to do some writing around lunch time, and believe it or not, the people watching was pretty spectacular. It was an odd mix of business people and regular Yinzers going to see the Santas Around the World display on their day off (so, people in jeans and Steeler jerseys, and people in suit jackets and Steeler jerseys). And there was a nice little band playing Christmas songs, and I got to see all sorts of boots that I am wicked jealous of and everything!

And I did some writing. And so did my husband. And then I looked at more people’s boots! (I have a real problem with boots.)

People Watching
I am thinking, “Yes, I am totally going to buy those boots, if I can find them. I bet they will be so comfortable, and I’ll never need another pair of boots for the rest of my life.”

People Watching
Michael is like, “My wife is probably going to buy boots like that now. They are going to hurt her feet, and she is going to complain about them, but still obsessively wear them because she thinks they are the cutest boots ever, until she sees another pair of cute boots and does it all over again. ::sigh::”

And, to make this Achievement complete, there were even pigeons flitting around in Market Square! We win!

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