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A Death Valley Sojourn

Achievement: #87. Whirlwind Tour of Death Valley National Park

Our tendency when on vacation is to pack our schedules Way Too Tight, and our whirlwind tour of Death Valley was no exception. On the other hand, this gives us the perfect excuse to spend more time there in the near future! In the meantime, let us whisk you through the desert for a quick overview of what the valley has to offer. Continue reading

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Gotham Nights At Pittsburgh’s ToonSeum

Achievement: #16. Visit the Toonseum | #87. Meet a Pittsburgh Celebrity

It’s no secret that we here in Pittsburgh are pretty proud of our museums. We’ve got all sorts of fine art, creepy old mummies, giant dinosaurs, and modern art, and the many museums of the ‘Burgh are high on our … Continue reading

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Cake From The Funnel (And Illegal Photography) At Penn’s Colony

Achievement: #87. Go to Penn’s Colony

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the three years we’ve been doing our Achievements list, it’s that things are not always as magical as we expect them to be. Occasionally, coffeeshops don’t list their winter hours when they should. … Continue reading


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Peeping People And Pigeons At PPG Place

Achievement: #87. People and pigeon watch downtown

When I originally envisioned this Achievement, I was thinking of my years as a secretary (yes, there were years of that), when I worked downtown and wore cute little skirt outfits and had to take crap from chauvinistic stock brokers. … Continue reading

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