In Which We Abstain From Reviewing An Unnamed Restaurant

Achievement: #18. Have Dinner at a New Restaurant on Mt. Washington

Well, tonight we had what I would consider our worst restaurant experience of 2011… Sheesh!

But rather than indulge the parts of me that are disheartened, disappointed, and the tiniest bit disgusted, I will forego any review of our evening, and instead focus on some positive things that have happened today. I like to use this blog as a celebration of the Good Things about Pittsburgh (Martha Stewart style, perhaps ;), and I like to tell stories that, if negative, at least have a funny slant to them, or a happy ending. That’s just how I roll.

You know how sometimes, you watch a movie, and you feel really yucky afterward, and you feel like you just want to go home and look at pictures of puppies? When I come away from an experience bothered and angry like I was tonight, I sometimes need to ground myself by looking at and learning about things that make me happy. So, here we go:

Yard Yoga!
This morning, I did Yard Yoga with my very dear friend, Katherine. It is better known as “Yoga in the Park,” and is sponsored by BYS Yoga. We did yoga with this AMAZING view, at Tunnel Park in the South Side. This runs every weekend (weather permitting) all summer, so you should try it too!

Little Chunk, a BADRAP rescue from O-hi-o (like Robin and Hello Bully’s own sweety Franklin), was officially adopted by his foster family today!!

The dreamy and fabulous Andrew McCutchen was selected for the MLB All-Star team today! And the Buccos are over .500 the latest in the season in ages!!

Hot Husband!
My husband still manages to be hotter than Andrew McCutchen (sorry ‘Cutch, love you, but love him more! 🙂

And Lucy did a real bang-up job at ‘leave it’ (thanks Miss Nicole and the Bully Breed Ambassador class at Western PA Humane Society!) while enjoying the treats we brought her home from dinner.

So there you have it: the bright spots of the day, to wash away the negative. Oh, and this Achievement? Even we Achievement-makers are allowed to have a mulligan or two. So a back-up plan is in place, and Shiloh Grill, you’re on deck, and we know you won’t disappoint. We’re coming, and we’re taking your goat in a boat. All of it. 🙂


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2 Responses to In Which We Abstain From Reviewing An Unnamed Restaurant

  1. Sorry you had a bad dining experience! Glad you had other positives to outweigh the negs! I miss Mt. Washington

    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  2. Good outweighing the negative indeed. 🙂 And I'm seriously impressed with Lucy's “leave it.” That's still something that we have to work on in this house. *meaningful stare at said doggie.*

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