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One Waterslide, One Waterfall, & One Drenched Husband

Achievement: #20. Ohiopyle Waterslides

Ohiopyle is full of interesting water features, most of which will only break your heart when there’s rain in the forecast. Continue reading

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The Great Crème Brûlée Fail Of 2011

Achievement: #9. Use Our Popcorn Maker and Creme Brulee Maker

If you’ve never done a wedding registry, I sadly must inform you that you’re missing out. Of all of the parts of planning a wedding that happen, doing the registry is one of the most fun. It’s certainly more fun … Continue reading

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In Which We Abstain From Reviewing An Unnamed Restaurant

Achievement: #18. Have Dinner at a New Restaurant on Mt. Washington

Well, tonight we had what I would consider our worst restaurant experience of 2011… Sheesh! But rather than indulge the parts of me that are disheartened, disappointed, and the tiniest bit disgusted, I will forego any review of our evening, … Continue reading


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The Summer Solstice Does Not Honor Us

Achievement: #13. Celebrate the Solstice | #26. Take Pictures of 20 Pittsburgh Gargoyles

So, if you’ve been reading our blog for awhile, you will recall that every time it comes to something nature- or outdoors-related, I have a tendency to suddenly believe that I am in my element. It’s like, we go outside … Continue reading

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