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Cheese Of The Month Club: A Trip To Switzerland

Achievement: #13. Cheese of the Month

When it comes to the cheeses of Switzerland, the challenge isn’t how to present them or how to pair them — it’s how to prevent yourself from eating the whole damn shipment in one sitting! (They’re really, really good.) Take a look at how you can best enjoy some of the Swiss at Penn Mac. Continue reading

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A Mini-Marathon At Row House Cinema

Achievement: #77. See a Movie at Row House Cinema

We don’t make it out to the movies too often these days, but when we get the chance, we do it right. Check out our appraisal of Rowhouse Cinema in Lawrenceville and the themed series we saw: Tight Pants Week! Continue reading


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MAKENight at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

Achievement: #68. 21+ Night at Children’s Museum

We took another trip to one of the many cool 21+ nights hosted by Pittsburgh’s museums. This time around, we played with all of the things at the Children’s Museum; take a look at all their cool stuff! Continue reading

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The Great Chili Cook-Off: Round One

Achievement: #22. Five Chili Cooking Face-Off

Today, we present the first installment in a five-part challenge: We’ll be cooking five different chili recipes from five reputable sources, and then rating and ranking them for your benefit, with the help of a special expert guest judge! Continue reading


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CSA Spectacular: The January Report

Achievement: #11. CSA - Weekly Posts

We roar back with a mega-edition of choice homecooking recipes, inspired by the offerings of the Penn’s Corner CSA. Check ’em out! Continue reading


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