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The Great Chili Cook-Off: Round One

Achievement: #22. Five Chili Cooking Face-Off

Today, we present the first installment in a five-part challenge: We’ll be cooking five different chili recipes from five reputable sources, and then rating and ranking them for your benefit, with the help of a special expert guest judge! Continue reading


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In Which I Invent A Cocktail Under The Watchful Eyes Of Tim Curry

Achievement: #51. Make a Buzzsaw Martini

It’s been said that the hardest part of creating a cocktail is finding the perfect name for it. So we worked backwards: we invented a great drink name, and then figured out what ingredients it required. Through a long night of trial and (mostly) error, the Buzzsaw Martini was born. Continue reading

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Living And Learning As We Make Restaurant Meals At Home

Achievement: #30. Make 50 New Recipes

With Restaurant Week just on the horizon (omg omg omg I can’t wait), I thought it was time to update everyone on where we are with regard to our cooking Achievement. As you may recall, we set out to try … Continue reading

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