We Shall Return!

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Hello out there, friends and readers!

As you know, 2016 has not been a good year. It’s been a bad year for the earth, starting with the loss of David Bowie, Alan Rickman, then Prince. But it’s been an extra rough year for us, with losing our little sunshine pup, Lucy, in June.

As we mentioned in an earlier post, the blog went way on the back burner while we grieved and tried to pick up the pieces to go on. We started easing back into the blog after a couple of months, but then, in August, we experienced technical difficulties. Our trusty Canon DSLR, Daryl, whom we use for all our photography, died. Just died one morning, and no length of time at the camera shop was enough to repair him.

Rather than ship him out for an expensive repair that might or might not have worked, we opted to upgrade. By the time our new (and as yet, unnamed) camera arrived, we’d been without one for about a month and a half. We were already behind and then… further behind… and now, here we are, late November, and we have events from the summer we haven’t even gotten to.

So, with that being said, we’ve decided to put the blog on hold until 2017. We want to bring you the cool stuff of the ‘Burgh as it’s happening, not months after the fact.

We will be back on January 1 with a brand new list of Achievements, and a calendar full of plans to share with you some of the awesome things there are to experience in our city (and also probably some not-awesome things because, well, it’s us).

In the meantime, get yourself pumped up for the year by meeting our new little sidekick, Miss Layla Grace.


Have a great rest of 2016, everyone, and we’ll see you after midnight in the new year!

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  1. Woubbie

    *sigh* Some years are like that.

    “Even in Australia.”

    Looking forward to seeing all of your 2017 adventures!

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