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Pub Golf In Space: An Epic Journey

Achievement: #23. Pub Golf in Space | #4. Posing with Statues

Once a year, we host a city-ranging event in which we walk, drink, and eat our way through 18 bars in the course of a single, very long day. This was our fourth such event, and the first one we’ve actually managed to document properly. Enjoy! Continue reading

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Shearing Da Beard With Donnie Iris And The Diesel

Achievement: #23. Wildcard - Shear Da Beard

Each year that we’ve done this list, we’ve consistently run into a particular problem: new events pop up throughout the year that we’d love to cover for the blog, but once the New Year hits, it’s too late to add … Continue reading

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We Seen It In The City Paper: Ohio Township Fireman’s Carnival

Achievement: #23. Firehall or Church Bingo | #25. Do 3 Things We Find Advertised in the CityPaper

If you grew up in the Avonworth Community, then you probably already have an understanding of the importance of a certain event that happens in mid-July each year. And this year, this event has become a big enough deal that … Continue reading

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St. Rosalia Church Festival & The Birth of Beaufurb

Achievement: #23. Firehall or Church Bingo | #28. Take Pictures of a Silly Mascot in 10 Famous Places

Last night, we went to our first church bingo! Oh yes, I did just say first, notably as opposed to only, because playing bingo in the basement of the St. Rosalia parish last night reawakened a secret, inner church bingo … Continue reading

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Living It Up At The Primadonna

Achievement: #23. Have dinner at the Primadonna

The Primadonna is a formerly-well-known Italian restaurant in McKees Rocks that I know about for a funny reason. Back when we were little (maybe 10 or 11?), my friend Jessica’s parents took us to the Neville Chemical Plant open house. … Continue reading

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