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In Which We Are The Old People At Kneiss’s Miniature Golf

Achievement: #25. 2 Mini-Golfs

I’m not a fan of golf generally. If you like it — hey, neat — but it’s always felt to me like a waste of time and space, with a huge economic (not to mention gendered and racial) barrier to … Continue reading


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Pig Races ‘N Funnel Cake Dahn The Fayette County Fair*

Achievement: #25. Fayette County Fair

We’re typically North people; we grew up north of Pittsburgh, we stay north of the Ft. Pitt tunnels, and we usually go north for our county fair fix. But this year we went south, way down to the Fayette County Fair. And even with disastrous weather, it was quite a good time! Continue reading


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10,000 Tables: The January Wrap-Up

Achievement: #25. Participate in 10,000 Tables (Monthly Report)

This year, we’ve decided to embark on the 10,000 Tables challenge, with a goal of sitting down to 2 homecooked meals together per week. Here’s our wrap-up of how January went! Continue reading

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Delicious Eats In Pittsburgh’s Chinatown

Achievement: #12. Asian Soup Tournament (7 locations) | #25. Eat In Pittsburgh’s Chinatown | #67. 10 Downtown Restaurants

When you think of the unique neighborhoods around the City of Pittsburgh, chances are there’s no ‘Chinatown’ that comes to mind. What you may not know about Pittsburgh, however, is that we once had a lively Chinatown district. We went downtown and visited what little that remains. Continue reading


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We Seen It In The City Paper: Midnight Radio With Bricolage

Achievement: #25. Do 3 Things We Find Advertised in the CityPaper

(Guys! You get a rare treat! My husband wrote an entry!! I couldn’t make it out to this fantastic event, so he went on his own to make sure it was covered. And so that it counted for an Achievement, … Continue reading

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We Seen It In The City Paper: Ohio Township Fireman’s Carnival

Achievement: #23. Firehall or Church Bingo | #25. Do 3 Things We Find Advertised in the CityPaper

If you grew up in the Avonworth Community, then you probably already have an understanding of the importance of a certain event that happens in mid-July each year. And this year, this event has become a big enough deal that … Continue reading

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We Seen It In The City Paper: The Dirty Ball With Attack Theater

Achievement: #25. Do 3 Things We Find Advertised in the CityPaper | #64. Inappropriate Dances in 10 New Locations

Somehow, it took us until 2011 to realize this fascinating truth: the Dirty Ball is the most outrageously fun night of the year. Who knew? Well, I certainly didn’t, because I’ve apparently been living under a rock since 2006 when … Continue reading

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First Night 2010

Achievement: #25. Go to 2010 First Night

If you live in Pittsburgh and haven’t checked out a First Night celebration for New Year’s Eve, you are really missing out. There are so many different events, covering music, dance, art, hands-on activities, and of course food. Oh, the … Continue reading

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